Roxanne Weidele


Originally from New York City, I now live in Galesville, Maryland. In 1964 I received an Associates Degree in Fine Arts from the Silvermine College of Art in Connecticut and a BA (1968) in Art Education from Hofstra University in New York. My formal education continued with Masters courses at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.

Before retirement in June 1999, I was an art educator for 31 years at Southern Senior High School in Anne Arundel County, MD. During those years I helped establish River Gallery in Galesville.

My Statement

On a trip to the North Carolina Shore, I visited The Pea Island Wild Life Sanctuary. The light of late afternoon, the colors and shapes formed by water and land, plus the noticeable silence produced an emotional reaction to landscapes, which I now feel compelled to explore in my art. I have chosen pastels for their lush colors and for their ability to allow me to work the pigments with my fingers “sculpting” the forms across the paper. I often exaggerate the textures and colors that occur in nature to express the strength and beauty I see and feel. The resulting images of fields, marshes, the shore, and creeks are calming yet bold in color and composition.

With all my works, I hope the viewer will be able to share the original emotional reaction to what I observed and captured visually in my pastels.